Friday, October 31, 2008

New voile gift dress

Hey everyone
Stardoll have send to the superstar and to the non superstar a message for get an AMAZING voile gift dress
this his the pic of the voile gift for the superstar:

and the voile gift dress for the non superstar:

I totally love the yellow dress she's so cute!!! The blue one is nice but very simple...
xo xo Justine

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Now finally I am covering fashion lol. All loyal readers of stardoll fashion foward know that a new shop is opening up called decades which features vintage clothes. Most of the clothes are cute, however a feel some are a tad granyish lol.Butin the end who cares but stardoll is releasing chanel clothes YAY!Heres some of my top picks:
This chanel dress is kinda grannyish but it very couture and in the end its a classic couture gown and its stunning on Coco's doll.

This fifties style dress is pretty and reminds me of the alice and oliva dress blair wore on gossip girl(the best show ever lol)
This Chanel dress is simply stunning, unique and chic.

Some of my other picks:the chanel belt and the pucci bag.

New writter!!!

Hey everybody i'm Justine aka JustMissHilton. I'm the new writter of SDGlamSquad...
i'm 15 and i'm from French...SO i will try to speak my best englishhhh
Au revoir evrybody
xo xo Justine


Yesterday I wrote stardoll with my complaints about my missing nose and they replied with a sad attempt of humor:"we hope your medoll doesn't suffocate!" Lmao so sad.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

so not happy rite now

So i go to my studio to change my make up and i notice my nose is missing.Im not the only member either.Come on stardoll,we waste so much cash on this site.We should not have to deal with these errors.
BTW-sorry about all these errors post.I promise to get to fashion soon.Also please comment on the blog.I wanna know what i can do better or what u like.And also looking for writters.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I had to post about this disapointing fashion choice by the Stardoll staff to release this awful golden jumpsuit.Sorry if you disagree in my opinon this oufit Las Vegas showgirl tacky.It looks soo cheesy and has a distracting shadow around it.Talk about virtual camel toe.
Instead of this tacky crappy outfit stardoll should spend there time making real couture.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another stardoll error

I know this isn't fashion related but i had to post about it lol.Im sure i am not the only one who noticed the new doll name says "firstname lastname" lol.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


xLou26's little black dress incredibly hot LOL. Its amazing how she takes minishop items like curtains into a high couture dress.The shoes and jewelry perfectly completes the look. J'adore.

Hair Style Mania

I am incredibly happy that stardoll finally released new hair!It was about time. Most of them are amazing.However some are not my taste like the multi colored hair,the big hair from the princess doll, and the messy one.The new hairdos inspired me to put together some fun looks.
Look 1:fun

I have not seen that many people with this but I adore it. It big, bold, and fierce.To pull this hair off, you will want to put in some hair accessory like a clip or bow. I did some sweet candy colored eyeshadow and lips which is looks very fun and cool.
This beehive hairdo channels your inner 1960's Go-Go dancer LOL.I will admit at first I was not a fan but it is growing on me.The glasses are very retro and compliment the hair.

This look has a classic old hollywood vibe. Its so simple and stunning. Style_magazine inspired this look and if you visit her page you can see how flawlessly she pulls of this look. Just add red to the lips and pearls if you want that classic look.

Tell me what you think of all the looks!

Hey Girl Hey

Hey everyone!Its crazi_babi* from stardoll. I finally learned to do screen shots LOL which inspired me(and my love for fashion of course) to create a stardoll fashion blog with tips, hot buys,and more. I looking for some members to join this blog team "the glam squad". Represent LOL. Basically the squad will have some of sd's most fashion members. Since everyone on sd has great and unique style this will be a hard choice. If your interested in writing for the blog please add me or message me. Also message me if you can do not that graphic savvy LOL. But anyways i hope you enjoy reading this blog and its tips.